Samstag, 9. Mai 2009

3D text - one way, how to curve it in Vue ...

Above is an example image, how it will look like after the "intelligent" or "normal" (with some angle tweaking by hand) dropping mode ...

Well - i don't know exactly, how you want your text positioned, the length of it, the angle or whatever, but sure you can use the text function of VUE and run a text in a curve.

You can use a cylinder, for example, but that's only one object, that can be used as the base shape of a curve.

Just produce your text - the letters in a word are grouped, but in the object list window to the right you can select each single letter one after each other.

Call up a cylinder object, rotate it 270 degrees - . Now you have the text hovering above the cylinder. The diameter of the cylinder has to be bigger than the length of the text/words.

Now select each single letter one after each other and use VUE's normal or intelligent object drop function - for sure you use this function a lot for other stuff - the lowest button on the left side vertical bar.

Then repeat this for each letter - just watch out, that there is just enough space between each letter, that they can't touch each other while dropping onto the cylinders perimeter.

If you look at the above example image - the green text was done by using the intelligent dropping with the right mouse button - the red text was done by using the normal dropping with the left mouse button. The red text was more work, because after normal dropping each letter is always standing vertical, doesn't matter the curved surface below. There i just selected each letter and just rotated each a bit to fit their angle to the cylinder curve.

Sure this can be done with easier functions in other 3D applications, but if you want to use the VUE text rightaway and don't want to start exporting-importing-exporting-importing stuff, this is a way to do it.